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  More Industry Profiles

More Industry Profiles:

Adam Bauer, Fleming, Tamulevich & Associates 02/15/02
Adam Friedman, Nederlander Concerts 06/22/07
Aimee Berger, 2 Generations SPA Music Management 09/24/04
Ali Harnell, Clear Channel Entertainment Nashville 08/15/03
Alison Richard, Universal Orlando Resort 05/06/05
Allan Tepper, Bicycle Music Company 09/28/07
Amy Cox, Deep South Entertainment 02/09/07
Andi Howard, Peak Records and Andi Howard Entertainment 09/02/03
Andrea Sabata, Skyline Music 01/07/05
Andrew Klein, Revolution Marketing 11/05/04
Andrew Snowhite, Musictoday 05/04/01
Andy Kaufman, Birdland 05/17/02
Andy Levine, Sixthman 06/08/07
Andy Lo Russo, The Singing Chef 12/16/05
Andy McLean, North By Northeast (NXNE) 04/01/05
Angie Dunn, Lucky Artist Booking 10/13/06
Anni Lam, Parc Landon 06/29/07
Anthony Davis, D&L Entertainment Services, Inc. 03/02/01
Aran Rush, Expo and Foro Imperial 02/16/07
Arnie Goodman, Blue Storm Music 11/15/02
Art Edelstein, Festival Productions 12/01/02
Ashley Capps, A. C. Entertainment 05/21/04
Audra Jaeger, The Management Trust 05/09/03
Barbara Hubbard, ACTS 09/12/03
Barbara Strauss, Sovereign Ventures 05/12/06
Barney Kilpatrick, Rattlesby Records 10/28/05
Barron Ruth, Skyline Music 02/14/03
Barry Bergman, Music Managers Forum 03/14/03
Belle Forino, Fantasma Tours 03/18/05
Ben Baruch, The Fox Theatre 09/27/08
Ben Baruch, By Larry LeBlanc (CelebrityAccess) 04/05/17
Ben Miller, Rock Ridge Music 11/02/07
Bernie Swain & Harry Rhodes, Jr., Washington Speakers Bureau 12/07/00
Bill Bragin, Joe's Pub at the Public Theater 08/08/03
Bill Leabody, Leabody Systems 06/10/05
Bill Nowlin, Rounder Records 01/05/07
Bill Reeves, WRIII, Inc. 10/20/06
Bill Rogers, BRE Presents 07/13/07
Bill Royston, Mt. Hood Jazz Festival 03/07/03
Billy Atwell, AMP Studios 12/13/07
Billy Brill, Billy Alan Productions 11/11/05
Bob Chiappardi, Concrete Marketing 06/13/03
Bob Feldman, Red House Records 11/24/02
Bob Harris, 02/06/09
Bob Merlis, Merlis For Hire/Memphis International Records 01/16/04
Bob O'Neal, Ryman Auditorium 06/28/02
Bobbie Horowitz, Times Square Group 01/04/02
Bobby Rossi, Ruth Eckerd Hall 02/28/03
Bobby Schneider, Tour Coordinator, Third Eye Blind 01/31/03
Brady Lahr, Kufala Recordings 04/30/04
Brett Hyman, Category 5 Entertainment 07/23/04
Brian Camelio, ArtistShare 02/29/08
Brian Knaff, Talent Buyers Network 09/29/01
Bruce Eisenberg, Audio Analysts 08/31/01
Bruce Houghton, Skyline Music 10/27/00
Bruce Iglauer, Alligator Records 08/17/01
Bruce Patron, Overland Entertainment 07/28/06
Bruce Weinstein, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts 02/15/08
Bubba Mac, 09/14/07
Butch Waugh, RCA Label Group Nashville 01/10/03
Cameron Strang, New West Records 10/18/02
Camilla McGuinn, Tour Manager 08/24/07
Camille Barbone, WineDark Records 12/09/05
Camilo Lara, EMI Music Mexico/MIS 08/10/07
Carianne Laguna, Blackheart Records 03/07/08
Carl Freed, Metropolitan Entertainment 06/22/01
Carla Wallace, Big Yellow Dog Music 11/04/05
Carlos Keyes, Red Entertainment 10/08/04
Carolyn Specht, CIE USA Entertainment Inc. and OCESA PRESENTS Inc. 03/26/04
Casey Verbeck, Partners in Music 06/06/03
Charles Carlini, Carlini Group 05/16/08
Charles Driebe, Blind Ambition Management Ltd. 09/22/06
Charlie Brusco, TBA Entertainment Corporation 10/13/01
Charlie Feldman, BMI 08/26/05
Chip Davis, American Gramaphone/Mannheim Steamroller 05/31/02
Chris Wilson, Heartbeat Records 03/02/07
Claudio Trotta, Barley Arts Promotion 11/26/01
Craig Hankenson, Producers, Inc 02/23/06
Crispin Parry, British Underground 02/24/08
D-J Wendt, Dmand Management 05/09/08
Dan Herrington, Dualtone Records 07/25/03
Dan Hirsch, On Board Entertainment 04/04/03
Dan Melnick, Festival Productions, Inc. 02/22/02
Dan Steinberg, Square Peg Concerts 02/18/05
Daniel Catullo, Coming Home Studios 06/22/08
Danny Kapilian, Independent Producer 07/12/02
Darren Gilmore, Watchdog Management 03/17/16
Dave Lory, Artemis Records 03/30/02
Dave Lucas, Live-360 04/28/06
Dave Roberge, Everfine Records & Everfine Artist Management 12/03/04
Dave Rose, Deep South Entertainment 09/15/06
David Cooper, 10/31/03
David Davidian, Independant Lighting Designer/Director 06/18/04
David Fishof, David Fishof Presents 01/08/01
David Fishof, Rock 'N Roll Fantasy 10/05/08
David Hart, The Agency Group 02/20/04
David Macias, Emergent Music Marketing 06/17/05
David Neilon, Rising Star Promotions 11/30/01
David Norman, Tour Manager 04/20/07
David Pullman, The Pullman Group 11/03/00
David Ross, President IAAM; Director, Show Me Center 09/23/05
David Salidor, dis Company 07/20/07
David Spelman, New York Guitar Festival 10/01/04
Daylle Schwartz, Revenge Productions 08/19/05
Dean Sciarra, 11/26/04
Dean Swett, Paramour Group 06/14/02
Deborah Burda, Kentucky Exposition Center 08/03/07
Debra "Fergy" Ferguson, TourDesign 08/01/03
Del Bryant, BMI 05/18/07
Del Williams, Right Arm Entertainment 04/18/08
Dennis Condon, Disneyland Resorts 07/13/01
Dennis McNally, Grateful Dead historian/publicist 09/06/02
Dennis Newhall, DIG Music 10/07/05
Desiree Day, USO Celebrity Entertainment 08/10/01
Dick McVey, Musician's Referral Service 10/27/07
Dolphus Ramseur, Ramseur Records 10/19/07
Don Van Cleave, Coalition of Independent Music Stores 04/09/04
Donald Tarlton, The Donald K Donald Group 04/12/02
Doreen Ringer Ross, BMI 01/18/08
Doug Brown, Talent Buyers Network 09/21/01
Doug Isaac, Super Bowl Concert Series Producer (EXI) 08/24/01
Doug Kirby, LiveTourArtists 10/24/03
Doug Merrick, Cumberland Talent Agency and Merrick Music Group 07/21/06
Dusty Wright, 07/27/07
Ed Bazel, That's Entertainment International 10/05/01
Elizabeth Freund, Beautiful Day Media & Management 01/26/07
Elizabeth Rush, E.R.A. / Elizabeth Rush Agency 08/20/04
Eric Hanson, Ted Kurland Associates 12/20/02
Eric Hanson, Tree Lawn Artists 03/23/07
Eric Pirritt, Endit! Presents / The Fox Theatre 10/17/03
Eric Rosen, Ronald S. Bienstock & Associates 05/25/01
Erik Dyce, City and County of Denver's Division of Theatres & Arenas 08/02/02
Erin Barra, Musician/Producer/Educator 07/10/14
Ernie Lake, EL Records 01/19/07
Fenton Williams, 04/04/08
Gail Stocker, Gail Stocker Presents 11/12/04
Gary Lane, CenterLane Attractions 10/14/05
Gary Lashinsky, Lipizzaner Tours 05/13/05
Geary Rindels, Geary Rindels Enterprises, Inc. 12/05/03
Gene Hollister, Rose Presents 04/08/01
Glenn Dicker, Redeye Distribution/Yep Roc Records 07/07/06
Gram Slaton, The Community Arts Center 02/25/05
Greg Hagglund, Vivelo! 05/07/04
Gregg Latterman, Aware Records 12/13/02
Harlan Frey, Roadrunner Records 07/11/03
Heather Orser, Toad's Place 01/29/01
Henry Stone, Henry Stone Music 06/24/05
Hillary Zuckerberg, Brick Wall Management. 07/09/04
Holger Petersen, Stony Plain Records 04/15/05
Howard Stovall, Resource Entertainment Group 05/28/04
Ian Noble, Metropolitan Talent 05/23/03
J. B. Miller, Empire Entertainment 08/22/08
Jack Kleinsinger, Highlights in Jazz 04/25/08
Jack Randall, Ted Kurland Associates 04/05/02
Jake Gold, The Management Trust 04/13/01
Jake Hooker, Hook Entertainment 05/10/02
Jake Szufnarowski, Rocks Off 05/02/08
James Browne, Sweet Rhythm 11/01/02
Jamie Adler, Adler Entertainment Group 05/11/07
Janet Oseroff, MultiMediaProperties 11/18/05
Jason Spiewak, Rock Ridge Music 04/07/06
Jason Stone, Live Nation New York 03/31/06
Jay Boy Adams, Roadhouse Transportation 05/04/07
Jay Jacobs, Parc Landon 09/21/07
Jay Sendyk, Sendyk, Leonard & Company, Inc. 05/03/02
Jay Sieleman, The Blues Foundation 07/18/03
Jeff Allen, Universal Attractions 08/16/02
Jeff Bowen, Sears Centre Arena 03/13/08
Jeff Dawson, Canadian Recording Services 06/08/08
Jeff Eyrich, BePop Records 11/25/05
Jeff Fluhr, StubHub 10/06/06
Jeff Krasno, Velour Music Group 11/19/07
Jeff Miller, Fantasma Productions 03/16/07
Jeff Ravitz, Visual Terrain 02/08/08
Jeff White, In Ticketing 12/16/06
Jeffrey Bischoff, Cinder Block 03/24/06
Jeffrey Chabon, Chabon Entertainment Group 08/22/02
Jeffrey Green, Americana Music Association 03/10/06
Jeffrey Kruger, The Kruger Organisation 01/25/02
Jeremy Driesen, Ray Bloch Productions 09/07/01
Jeremy Palmer, Buddy Lee Attractions 11/02/01
Jeremy Stephan, Ventures, LLC 04/23/04
Jeremy Tepper, Diesel Only Records 10/10/03
Jerimaya Grabher, RPM Direct 09/26/03
Jerry Thompson, Promoter Line Inc. 03/05/04
Jesse Morreale, Nobody In Particular Presents (NIPP) 09/20/02
Jim McDonald, McDonald Group 12/19/03
Jim Musselman, Appleseed Recordings 04/14/06
Jim Walczak, Racine Civic Centre 06/03/05
Joachim Becker, ZOHO Music L.L.C. 01/12/07
Joanne Abbot Green, CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival 10/17/08
JoAnne Klabin, Sweet Relief 03/21/03
Joe Brandmeier, Moving Pictures 03/15/02
Joe Escalante, Kung Fu Records 07/08/05
Joe Fletcher, Joe Fletcher Presents 01/12/06
Joe Lucchese, EventJoe 02/23/07
Joel Brandes, Avenue Management Group 11/02/08
Joel Chriss, Chriss & Co. 10/04/02
John "Grinder" Procaccini, JP Squared (JP2) 01/17/03
John Boyle, Sanctuary Music Group 03/19/04
John Kinsner, The Walnut Room 03/28/08
John Nittolo, John Nittolo Productions 04/13/07
John Nugent, NY JAM Inc. 11/08/02
John Palmer, Megawave Records 08/31/07
John Reese, Freeze Artist Management 08/01/08
John Simson, SoundExchange 07/15/05
John Valentino, Fantasma Productions 04/18/03
John Wiseman, XL Touring Video 05/05/06
Jon Phillips, Silverback Professional Artist Mgmt/Controlled Substance Sound 08/29/08
Jon Rinaldo, Joker Productions 01/02/04
Jon Stoll, Fantasma Productions 10/13/00
Jon Tiven, Hormone Studios 08/05/05
Jonathan Gosselin, Gosselin Marketing & Promotions 07/02/04
Jordan Burger, The New Musiquarium 01/22/01
Jose Tillan, MTV Networks Latin America 12/02/05
Josh Norek, JN Media, LLC 07/05/02
Judd White, Tour Manager/Accountant 02/13/04
Julie Coulter, Near North Insurance Groups 06/07/01
Julie Lokin, New Audiences 03/23/01
Karen Cadle, KGC Productions 03/12/04
Kelly Graves, Providence Performing Arts Center/Professional Facilities Management 01/20/02
Ken Dashow, WAXQ-FM (l04.3 FM) - New York 09/08/06
Ken Weinstein, Big Hassle Media 04/22/05
Kerry Hansen, Wynonna Incorporated 10/03/03
Kerry Peace, Alligator Records 08/18/06
Kevin Lyman, 4 fini 03/30/01
Kurt Willms, Green Room Productions 09/20/03
Kymberlee Knight, IEBA 11/16/00
Larry Jacobson, World Audience 09/17/04
Larry Lieberman, 4EverWild 03/28/03
Larry Weintraub, Fanscape 05/18/01
Lawrence Peryer, Jr., 23 Omnimedia 11/07/08
Lee Abrams, XM Satellite Radio 11/28/03
Lee Marshall, Magic Arts & Entertainment 09/13/02
Leonard Kalikow, Music Business Reference, Inc. 06/26/08
Les Borsai, Mediocre Management 01/30/04
Lisa Cherniak, Artists Against Racism (AAR) 07/20/01
Lisa Cohen, Associated Booking Corporation 02/10/06
Lisa Reiss, Pearl Productions 08/17/07
Lisa Tenner, Tenner & Associates (EAT'M) 08/06/01
Lisette Rioux, Island Def Jam Music Group 05/16/03
Louis Jay Meyers, North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance 03/30/07
Louis Messina, The Messina Group 10/22/04
Marc Dottore, M. Dottore Management 04/11/03
Marc Lipkin, Alligator Records 03/05/05
Marc Nathan, Flagship Records 07/01/05
Marc Tanner, Chime Entertainment 12/22/06
Marci Geller, Sonic Underground 08/15/08
Marcie Allen, Mad Booking 12/14/00
Marcie Allen Cardwell, MAC Presents 12/21/07
Mario Martin, Gorgeous PR 04/27/07
Mark Bego, Author 06/15/07
Mark Berry, Attack Media Group 04/07/07
Mark Carpentieri, M.C. Records 05/27/05
Mark Dinerstein, The Knitting Factory 11/17/06
Mark Green, Celebrity Talent Agency Inc. / Bergen Performing Arts Center 08/12/05
Mark Hyman, Ashley Talent International 11/09/01
Mark Krantz, John Schreiber Group 06/15/01
Mark Lourie, Skyline Music 03/08/02
Mark Pucci, Independent Music Publicist 09/09/05
Mark Samuels, Basin Street Records 06/11/04
Mark Sonder, Mark Sonder Productions 07/25/08
Martin Folkman, Independent Music Awards & Music Resource Group 08/11/06
Martin Hopewell, Primary Talent International 04/19/02
Marty Kern, Clemson University 07/07/01
Matthew Cohen, Green Room Productions 10/19/01
Maurice Russell, Harry Fox Agency 10/21/05
Michael Chugg, Michael Chugg Entertainment 09/14/01
Michael Drumm, Music Link Productions 07/18/08
Michael Elder, Red Entertainment 03/17/06
Michael Goldstein, RockPoP Gallery 11/09/07
Michael Maska, Big Hassle 01/28/05
Michael Rothschild, Landslide Records 04/29/05
Michael Scafuto, Mountain High Entertainment 12/07/01
Michael Solomon, Brick Wall Management 05/25/07
Michael Wood, City Lights Entertainment 08/08/08
Mike Amato, Rok Tours International 02/02/07
Mike Esterman, Esterman Entertainment 09/01/06
Mike Flanagin, New England Country Music Festival 09/12/08
Mike Fraser, Record Producer/Engineer 10/11/08
Mike Gormley, L.A. Personal Development 11/10/06
Mike Johnson, Groundrush Media 02/17/06
Mike Kociela, 360 Productions 05/30/08
Mimi Northcott, Canadian Recording Services (CRS) 04/11/08
Mitch Davis, Tempest Entertainment 07/16/04
Mitchell Koulouris, Digital Musicworks International, Inc. 02/11/05
Mo Morrison, Independent production 05/24/02
Molly Martinez, Ticket Summit 2008 05/23/08
Nadia Prescher, Madison House 06/20/03
Nancy Fly, The Nancy Fly Agency 04/02/04
Nanette Zumwalt, Hired Power 02/03/06
Neil Goldberg, Cirque Productions 09/07/07
Nick Hobbs, Charmenko 12/14/01
Nick Moss, Blue Bella Records 11/30/07
Nigel Wright, Independant Record Producer 11/07/03
Nina Blackwood, Sirius Satellite Radio 07/14/06
Nona Hendryx, Rhythmbank Entertainment 06/02/06
Numa Saisselin, Count Basie Theatre, Inc. 02/04/05
Pam Matthews, The Ryman Auditorium 04/08/05
Panos Panay, Sonicbids 12/23/05
Paolo d’Alessandro, International Solutions 06/25/14
Patrick Allocco, AllGood Concerts 10/05/07
Patti Burgart, IEBA 06/07/02
Paul Dexter, Masterworks Lighting Design and Road Cases 12/10/04
Paul Emery, Clear Channel Entertainment 11/19/04
Paul Green, The School of Rock 07/06/08
Paul Lohr, New Frontier Touring 01/21/05
Paul Mascioli, Mascioli Entertainment 01/14/05
Paul Zullo, Muze 01/23/04
Peter Conlon, Peter Conlon Presents 05/20/05
Peter Jesperson, New West Records 11/03/06
Peter Malkin, PM Management 02/07/03
Peter Shapiro, Ideal Entertainment 04/16/04
Peter Tempkins, DeWitt Stern Group 03/16/01
Phil Barber, Barber & Associates 02/04/01
Phil Guiliano, CIE USA Entertainment Inc. & OCESA PRESENTS Inc. 03/25/05
Phil Lobel, Lobeline Communications 08/13/04
Phil Tripp, IMMEDIA! 01/19/06
Race Taylor, WPLJ - New York 10/27/06
Race Taylor, WPLJ - New York 10/27/06
Ralph Simon, Live Earth 07/06/07
Randy Alexander, Randex Communications 10/12/07
Ray Farrell, eMusic 06/09/06
Ray Waddell, Billboard Magazine 08/27/04
Rich Levy, Clear Channel Entertainment Properties 06/25/04
Rich Rees, M.P.I. Talent Agency 09/19/08
Richard Goodstone, Superfly Productions 01/27/06
Richard Stumpf, Cherry Lane Publishing 08/07/06
Rick Bowen, Mystic Music Experience 07/11/08
Rick Farman, Superfly Productions 10/15/04
Rick Zeiler, Sidney Frank Importing Company 06/04/04
Rishon Blumberg, Brick Wall Management 06/27/03
Ritch Esra, The Music Business Registry 09/27/02
Rob Gordon, What Are Records? LTD 02/01/02
Robert DePugh, Alligator Records 07/29/05
Robert Rowland, Red Entertainment 06/13/08
Rodney Afshari, Freeze Artist Management 03/01/02
Roger Probert, Core Records 12/08/06
Roks Lam, Wolfman Jack Entertainment 12/17/04
Ron Burman, Roadrunner Records 08/25/06
Ron Simpson, RCS Productions 01/11/08
Ron Zeelens, RAZco Visas 04/20/01
Rusty Harmon, MTM Music Management 12/06/07
Rusty Hooker, Rock Steady Management Agency 02/16/01
Sal Nunziato, NYCD 06/01/01
Sam Feldman, S.L. Feldman & Associates 10/25/02
Sam Foxman, Contemporary Productions 01/06/06
Sam Righi, Waterfront Entertainment Group 05/30/03
Sandra Gibson, The Association of Performing Arts Presenters 01/09/04
Sara Hickman, Sleeveless/Stingray 06/30/06
Scott Perry, Sperry Media 03/11/05
Seth Sheck, Access Pass & Design 01/03/03
Shane Bourbonnais, Live Nation Canada 03/21/08
Simma Levine, Disson Furst and Partners 11/10/00
Stacy Schott, Mad Booking and Events 08/22/03
Stan Green, Stanley A. Green Lighting and Productions 12/12/03
Stephen Bailey, EPACC & Deleware Center For The Arts 02/06/04
Stephen Rehage, Rehage Entertainment 07/30/04
Steve "Chopper" Borges, Total Pro and Borse Techos 03/03/06
Steve Alaimo, Vision Records & Audio Vision Studios 05/26/06
Steve Bernstein, Relix LLC 09/30/05
Steve Cohen, Music + Art Management, Inc. 03/09/07
Steve Gerstman, SGS 07/19/02
Steve Gietka, Trump Properties 07/30/01
Steve Gordon, Entertainment Attorney 08/06/04
Steve Gumble, SBG Productions 06/16/06
Steve Kirsner, Compaq Center 06/29/01
Steve Leeds, SR. VP/Promotion/Rock Formats at Virgin Records 07/26/02
Steve Lemon, Live 4 Live, Inc. 12/06/02
Steve Masur, Masur & Associates, LLC 11/21/03
Steve Schankman, Contemporary Productions 12/21/01
Steve Scharf, Carlin America 10/11/02
Steve Simon, Clear Channel Communications 05/14/04
Steve Sonnier, UIC Pavilion at the University of Illinois, Chicago 09/03/04
Steve Vai, Favored Nations Entertainment 04/26/02
Steve Walter, The Cutting Room 10/24/08
Steve Zuckerman, Global Entertainment and Media Summit 03/22/02
Stuart Ross, The Ross Group 02/23/01
Suzanne Cadgene, Elmore 05/19/06
Tamara Saviano, American Roots Publishing 07/22/05
Tasea Margeolas, Multi Entertainment 06/23/06
Ted Gardner, Larrikin Management 04/25/03
Ted Kurland, Ted Kurland Associates 01/15/01
Ted Mason, Mi-5 Recordings 11/16/01
Tess Taylor, Los Angeles Music Network 08/09/02
Thom Wolke, 02/08/02
Tim Kolleth, Alligator Records 01/25/08
Toby Mamis, Alive Enterprises 02/12/01
Tod Elmore, Sixthman 11/24/06
Todd Culberhouse, Vision Management /Vision Records and Entertainment 09/05/08
Todd Frank, 4Star Entertainment, LLC 01/24/03
Todd Miller, House Of Blues - New Orleans 11/14/03
Tom Baggot, 05/02/03
Tom Cantone, Foxwoods Entertainment Group 10/20/00
Tom Cantone, Foxwoods Resort Casino 07/03/03
Tom Chauncey, Partisan Arts 01/11/02
Tom Derr, Rock Ridge Music 10/29/04
Tom Hoppa, TKO Booking Agency 09/29/06
Tom LaPenna, Lucky Man Productions 09/10/04
Tom Principato, Powerhouse Records 02/01/08
Tomas Cookman, Cookman International 09/05/03
Tony Conway, Buddy Lee Attractions 10/06/00
Tony D'Amelio, Washington Speakers Bureau 04/21/06
Tony DeLauro, DeLauro Management 12/23/04
Tony Laurenson, Eat to the Beat 02/27/04
Tony Wilson, Factory Records/In The City 06/01/07
Travis Hellyer, Mezzanine 09/02/05
Valerie Denn, Val Denn Agency 04/30/01
Vince Pileggi, Music Inc./Music Inc. Sounds 12/01/06
Virginia McEnerney, HeadCount 11/26/07
Walter Stewart, Mars Talent Agency 02/21/03
Wendy Kay, Mars Talent Agency 03/09/01
Wesley Goodman, Red Entertainment 09/16/05
Zach Martin, Radio Producer at New York's WAXQ-FM 08/30/02

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